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Single Stream Recycling

Single Stream Recycling makes the most of your recycling by turning the things you don't want into the things you do.

What is Single Stream Recycling?

Apple Valley Recycling is a state-of-the-art process which enables paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metal cans, and more to be collected together in one bin without the need to separate.

How should I prepare my recyclables?

Recyclables should be rinsed clean of any food waste. Corrugated cardboard boxes should be broken down into smaller pieces. Lids and caps can remain on empty bottles. There is no need to tie newspaper or cardboard with twine.


What type of metal can I put in my recycling bin?

Aluminum and tin cans are acceptable. Pots, pans, and scrap metal such as automotive parts, motors, and appliances are NOT ALLOWED.

I saw someone throw all of my recycling into a truck without separating it. Was the recycling treated as waste?

No. We have numerous operations that will separate the recycling in a state-of-the-art facility. The truck will deliver the recyclables to one of these facilities. Once separated, they are sold and recycled.

What are large rigid plastics?

Residential bulky items such as crates, 5-gallon buckets (including metal handle), sleds, soda crates, laundry baskets, plastic chairs, carts, bins, toys, lawn furniture and garbage cans.

Which items contaminate rigid plastics?

Vinyl Plastic (pipe, siding, fencing/latice)

Flexible Plastic (shower curtains and hoses)


Toys with Motors

Car Seats

Coolers with styrofoam interior

Sports Helmets due to metal

Total Metal Content: over 2%

Can I put my recyclables in clear plastic bags?

No. Plastic bags are not accepted in the Apple Valley Recycling program. Many grocery and retail stores offer plastic bag recycling.

List of Acceptable Items:

Please empty and rinse all containers as well as flatten and break down cardboard boxes.
Magazines and Phone Books
(catalogs and soft cover books)
(inserts and brochures)
File Folders and Office Paper
(all colors)
Mail and Greeting Cards
(junk mail and envelopes)
Corrugated Cardboard
(boxes, paper bags, and beverage holders)
Paperboard Boxes
(cereal, pasta, and tissue)
Paper Cartons
(milk, juice, and egg)
Plastic Containers
(#1, #7)
Large Rigid Plastics
(5-gallon buckets and laundry baskets)
Metal Cans
(alluminum, tin, and foil)

Items NOT Accepted:

Plastic bags, window glass, mirrors, lightbulbs, dishes, pyrex, ceramics, paper towels, facial tissue, styrofoam, PVC, recyclables containing food waste, paints, oils, hazardous material, needles, syringes, VCR tapes, CDs/DVDs, scrap metal, pots or pans.
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