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Apple Valley Recycling Center is dedicated to fostering an educational environment to make a better tomorrow! To create a more sustainable future, we must educate everyone on how they can adopt environmentally safe practices into their everyday lives.

Sustainability Education is vital for the world of tomorrow!

Here at Apple Valley Recycling Center, we aim to provide all the resources necessary to educate the communities we serve throughout our service area. In light of this, we’re proud to have an on-site education center that allows our customers, from age 1 to 92, to come learn about how their efforts to recycle can save the earth. Not only does our work prepare our customers to become better worldly stewards of sustainability, but it also helps us ensure our customers understand the work we do and how they can help us!

Learn more about the Recycling Process!

Give us a call today to set up an online educational course to learn more about what Apple Valley Recycling Center does, the benefits of recycling, and how recycling works in your community!

Learn About Educational Opportunities!